About the purchase of physical gold

Let's talk about the forms of physical gold and the factors that should be taken into account when buying precious metal.


Yellow metal ingots are popular among those who want to purchase large-scale investment assets. Products are usually minted based on different weight measures: grams or ounces. Sample, manufacturer and weight are indicated on the obverse of the ingot. The sample is very important when buying yellow metal: investment ingots, as a rule, consist of 0.999 sample metal. You can buy bullion from dealers and banks. You will need to pay an additional shipping and insurance fee to the main purchase amount.


Yellow metal coins, such as the Russian George the Victorious, American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf, are popular investment objects and excellent collectibles. Coins may have less gold sample than bullion. For example, in the ounce coin "American Eagle" the gold sample is 0.917, and it also includes silver and copper. You can buy gold coins from dealers and in banks. When buying gold coins on the Internet, be sure to check the seller's reputation by asking friends or on forums.

Factors to consider when buying physical gold

Physical gold should be stored in a safe place, for example, at home or in special institutions. In the second case, additional costs will be required.

If you store gold at home, you should insure it in case of theft or natural disaster. If the products are given to be saved to special institutions, then you need to check the insurance policy of the storage supplier.

Their value as investment instruments depends on the weight of gold in the coin and ingot. The yellow metal product that is purchased as an investment must have a high sample level: from 0.917 to 0.999.

Gold is a good investment?

The yellow metal exchange rate has grown by about 36% over the past five years. This asset is a reliable protection against inflation and economic instability. For example, in 2007-2008 stock market indices fell by 33%, but gold fell in price by only 2%. However, precious metal prices can be very unstable in the short term, which means that it is not an absolutely safe investment. However, without gold, it is still impossible to create a diversified investment portfolio.