NIUE collectible coins - history of appearance, what are popular, for what and for whom they are issued, what is the value
The theme of collectible coins is interesting to many. In this article, we will look at the banknotes of the island of NIUE. This territory is a real treasure trove for the numismatic community. NIUE uses the New Zealand dollar as its currency. At the same time, they took up the production of collectible coins relatively recently, but very successfully. Today, their coins are in demand among collectors. And the variety of topics is so great that everyone can find what they are interested in.
Bimetallic coins: feature, history, why they are needed, whether they are suitable for investment

Bimetallic coins are a sought-after collectible and less often invested. They are produced in Canada, Europe, France, Great Britain and other countries. The central part of such coins is called a disk or insert, and the surrounding part is called a ring. Many copies are made of a combination of base materials, but there are also those that may be of interest to investors. We will talk more about…

Collectible Silver Coins
Collectible silver coins are gaining popularity. Compared to gold, they are more affordable. At the same time, in terms of beauty and value, they are not much inferior to the "older brothers." Having bought today, you will probably sell them more expensive in a couple of years.
Coins of the German Empire
Coins of the German Empire attract many collectors. It is more correct to say that collecting German ancient coins is a separate branch in numismatics...