Confidence in the gold market in Germany should increase

In 2020, the gold market in Germany took second place in the world in terms of retail investment demand. In kind, the figure was 163 tons, which is equivalent to more than $9 billion.

The World Gold Council and BayernLB Bank (Germany's seventh largest financial institution) recently published the first German guide on gold investment for individuals. The guide will help customers choose products from precious metal, its suppliers and teach them how to build effective communication with them. It is extremely difficult and risky for an unprepared person to independently invest in gold. The lack of special knowledge about the specifics of precious metal products and the ability to work with information in the physical gold market does not allow you to make successful investments and gain access to the most interesting products.

David Tate, CEO of the World Gold Council, commented on the issue of the Guide: "Our joint goal is simple: to make sure that all people who consider gold as an investment object for the first time can trust products and suppliers. Support for the initiative to publish the Guide by BayernLB Bank is crucial. "

Michael Hubel, head of banknotes and precious metals at BayernLB, said: "Representatives of our bank were very enthusiastic about the idea of ​ ​ creating the Guide, since we are one of the largest wholesalers of precious metals in Germany."

The publication of special literature for gold market participants in Germany is part of the global initiative of the World Gold Council to strengthen confidence in the precious metal market.