Canadian Sovereigns are expensive

In early May, a congress of the Numismatists Society was held in the Central Provinces of Canada. As part of the event, the Heritage Auctions auction was held, at which interesting Canadian coins for collectors were exhibited as lots. As a result of trading, 2,000 lots were sold for a total amount of almost 14.5 million US dollars (about 18.8 million Canadian dollars).

More than 3,400 participants took part in the auction. They were offered 17 Canadian coins, of which the most expensive was the 1908 Sovereign gold coin (the first year of the series). This coin is one of 636 pieces minted in the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint of Great Britain and certified by the recently professional coin valuation service. The coin was bought for 19.2 thousand dollars, despite the fact that the starting amount was equal to 5 thousand dollars.

The next significant lot is the second Canadian "Sovereign," but this time 1909, from the second year of the series. It was sold for 13 thousand dollars. Another "Sovereign" - 1909 - completes the three most interesting Canadian lots. The coin was bought for 4.5 thousand dollars.

However, the most profitable lot was the best of the famous Australian "Sovereigns" of the 1920s, which was bought for 552 thousand dollars.