Don't forget to buy gold coins dedicated to the bull - the symbol of 2021

As you know, the Perth Coin House minted gold investment coins in honor of one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Thematic products have an identical design, but with differences on the reverse (in color and without it).

Bulls are the most persistent and hardy animals with great traction. It is these qualities that have long made bulls in demand in agriculture and other industries. Domesticated bulls used as farm animals are called cattle. There is an opinion that the bull is annoyed by the red color, but practice does not confirm this.

In heraldry, the bull is a symbol of the fertility of the earth. The cult of the Bull existed in the Middle East: the Old Testament mentions the worship of the Samarian calf. In astrology, the bull is called Taurus. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, a person born in the year of the Bull is considered friendly, smart, honest, persistent and reliable. He has hard work, developed logical thinking and composure. The bull is a power animal, noble. The bull is quickly guided by the situation and can act in vain. People born in the year of the Bull appreciate such qualities as decency, the ability to keep their word, patience.

Yellow metal investment coins for the year of the Bull are part of the Lunar Calendar III series. The products are supplied in protective transparent plastic capsules. Coins have an unsurpassed quality of minting uncirculated with the use of partial coloring techniques.

In the manufacture of coins, 0.9999 gold was used.

On the obverse of gold coins is a portrait of the Queen of Great Britain - Elizabeth II. The portrait was created by sculptor Jodie Clark. The name of the monarch "ELIZABETH II" and the issuing country "AUSTRALIA" are engraved on the rim. In addition, the face value of coins, their weight and a sample of pure gold are indicated.

On the reverse of coins is a bull on almost the entire surface. His image is so clearly and in detail made that it seems almost alive. Such realism is especially attractive in coin design. On the right is engraved the Chinese character "牛," denoting a bull, as well as an inscription in two lines - on the upper "OX" (English bull), and on the lower - "2021." Near the hind legs of the bull on the left is the sign of the Perth Mint - "P."