The benefits of investing in gold

Gold tends to rank prominently on the list of investment instruments. Unlike other assets, investing in the yellow metal gives investors a greater degree of confidence and security. Dragmetal is considered a practically risk-free way of storing wealth.

Advantages of investing in gold:

Protection against inflation

An increase in inflation is inevitable and may negatively affect the volume of cash savings. Over time, prices for goods rise, so for the same amount it will soon be impossible to buy as many products as 5 or 10 years ago. Inflation reduces the willingness to buy and store paper currencies. Rising gold prices often outpace inflation. This means that money invested in precious metal retains its value, and over time this value only increases.

A good way to save money

Often people find it hard to save money because they have a habit of spending every last penny. Gold is inconvenient to use for everyday transactions, and therefore, when investing money in precious metal, there is a better chance of saving them.

Easy to sell and buy

Gold trading is fairly simple, unlike other types of investments, which involve a lot of bureaucratic delays and complex processes. Gold coins, for example, can be easily sold, as they are always in demand. You can buy and sell coins made of precious metal in any part of the world.

Easy to store and operate

Gold is the only physical asset that can be held at no additional cost. The yellow metal is not corroded or rotted. Real estate investment involves spending the money needed to maintain it. Gold can be donated to any member of your family, friends, and inherited to future generations, as this does not require paperwork.

Price stability

The cost of yellow metal has never been subject to a sharp drop, and even more so, a complete collapse, no matter what happens in the world. The price of gold remained stable even during the financial crisis.