Silver Behemoth by Sierra Leone

The Pobjoy Mint announced the release of the 2nd coin from the Wild Five series with the image of a hippo. The series consists of five coins dedicated to the animals of Sierra Leone (a state in West Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean). The product has a magnificent embossed pattern that clearly reflects the details of the hippo's head, showing the beauty of these animals.

The hippo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. It is the second largest after the elephant, but much more dangerous. More people die from the attack of hippos than from the attack of any other animals (including crocodiles and lions). The hippo is particularly aggressive in the water. Moreover, the hippos themselves do not specifically hunt people, because they are herbivores. Accidents occur more often because tourists disturb animals by boating around the territory where they live.

Hippos spend most of their lives underwater and more often live in shallow water in mud. However, in the water they cannot breathe, and therefore, every 3-5 minutes they must surface to take a breath of fresh air. Hippos do this even when they sleep. These animals are very caring parents. When a cub is born, his mother shows the most tender feelings for him, and his father in every possible way protects and takes care of his family. Hippos like to talk to each other, so the savannah is always filled with their voices.

In ancient Greek, the hippo is called "hippo," which means "river horse." Even though it looks more like a huge pig, its closest relatives are whales and porpoises. Yet even with its stocky shape and short legs, it can easily overtake most people. An adult male hippopotamus can reach a length of 4.5 meters, and a height of about 1.5 meters. Its weight is about 4 tons.

In the wild, hippos have an average life expectancy of about 40 years, but in captivity it increases to about 50 years. The hippo has virtually no enemies in nature, except for the man with the weapon. Hippos usually live in herds of about 10-20 individuals, led by one dominant male, with all other members being mostly females.

A coin depicting a hippo is made as a proof of 925th silver. On the reverse of the coin is a portrait of the head of an animal. At the top of the coin rim is the word "HIPPOPOTAMUS," and at the bottom of the face value is "20 DOLLARS." On the obverse is the coat of arms of the Republic of Sierra Leone. On the right is "REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEON" and the year of issue is "2022." The diameter of the coin is 50 mm, and the weight of silver is 62.21 g (2 ounces). The circulation of the coin is 500 copies. The product is packed in an acrylic box, with a certificate of authenticity.

Sub-Saharan Africa is inhabited by a wide variety of animals. So Pobjoy Mint wants to display iconic animals in its new five-coin series. In the future, the Mint plans to release coins from the Wild Five series featuring an antelope, baboon and zebra.