Demand for gold has increased worldwide

Around the world, there has been an increase in the popularity of gold investment bars and coins. The Perth Mint in September sold 88.5 thousand ounces of gold, which is 4% higher on a monthly basis and 36% on a 3-month basis, but at the same time lower by 10% on an annualized basis. In January-September, the Russian Sberbank opened 300 thousand impersonal metal accounts, while gold accounted for 7 tons out of 100 tons of precious metals in general. In the UK, due to the growth of the inflation rate of the domestic currency, there was a real gold rush. In Germany, investors are also concerned about inflation. Turkey is seeing a record lira collapse of more than 80%, so it's no surprise that yellow metal imports to the country reached 39 tonnes in September. Turkish investors prefer to buy physical gold also because they can now buy foreign currency in the country only after presenting an identity card.